Pottstown Laundromat


For the Latest Information about the Pottstown Laundry, Visit Our New Website at  www.pottstownlaundry.com.

 Pottstown Laundromat offers DOLLAR TUE$DAYS:

All regular-sized washers are discounted half price to $1.25 all day on Tuesdays!

Pottstown Laundromat is a newly opened store, having the latest high-efficiency equipment that saves you time and money. The store is totally handicapped accessible, is well lit, is security surveillanced 24 hrs/day, and is climate controlled all year through. The restroom is clean and spacious. We are the only laundromat in the area that is open 24 hrs/7 days a week for the convenience of our customers. And please don’t forget to check the “Lost & Found” box before you leave: You never know–you may find that lone sock’s mate after all!